E-Team movie review

After the screening of E-Team at the Sydney Film Festival, one of the directors Ross Kauffman, and the leading lady Anna took to the stage.  Immediately the audience rose to their feet signifying the powerful nature of this documentary. The opening scene plants the audience right inside […]

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Nymphomaniac movie review

Bare with me while I backlog all the stuff I have been writing and been to lazy to compile.  Here is a movie review I wrote for Aphra mag back in April.   Directed by Lars von Trier Starring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf, Christian […]

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The Examined Life by Stephen Grosz

Why humans do what they do, their strange behaviour and neurosis under examination. In its most simple, studied form. When a person decides their brain is not quite how they want it, one of the many things humans do is see a psychoanalyst. A relationship […]

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The Ameri can drone strike

  Planes fly my house all the time.  I live in the suburb of Marrickville in Sydney, a suburb close to the airport. Apparently boeing 747’s have the most unique sound from any other aeroplane, where they fly their sound completely takes over the sky.  Sometimes I’m outside […]

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